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German Shepherd Dog Rescue Surrey is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to finding the right home for each dog in its care. We take in unwanted German Shepherd dogs and provide shelter and care for them until we can find them a secure and loving home. We promote responsible dog ownership and provide an after care advice, support and guidance service for the new pet owner. All our dogs are kept in a home environment and not in a kennel, this gives us a better chance of seeing the real character of the dogs and to make a more informed assessment.


We are looking for experienced people who could provide foster care for some special young dogs, not all of whom are German Shepherds.
These dogs are coming to the UK very shortly where they will undergo surgery to correct joint problems to enable them to walk more easily and be free from pain. Ideally, the foster home should be within 25miles of CM22 postcode, or in the Essex area, as the puppies will need regular check-ups with the specialist surgeon whilst recovering.
All expenses will be paid and food provided.
If you could offer one of theses puppies a quiet and stress free home environment, whilst they are recovering, please pm myself.
Homechecks would need to be carried out.
Pat Clark who runs Mutts in Distress has taken it upon herself to help these puppies who, without surgery, would have no quality of life. She now needs help with finding foster homes, so if you feel you could help, please let me know.
Many thanks.



John Robson

Too many German Shepherd Dogs to mention are living, and indeed have lived wonderful lives directly because of John's tireless work through the many mediums He has setup. The BigGSD Forum The BigGSD Facebook and the BigGSD Emergency Rescue Fund!

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