Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

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Remember that if you take good general care of your German Shepherd, it will pay you back in kind and serve you well throughout its lifetime.


To build on its good qualities the owner of the German Shepherd needs to get it trained from a young age. In case an owner does not feel capable enough of training the German Shepherd him or herself, he or she can always enroll it in a dog obedience classes. One should combine basic obedience training, exercise, challenging tasks as well as give it a balanced diet and leave the rest to the German Shepherd which will happily serve the owner faithfully and obediently.

A good quality wormer like Advocat or Milbemax will be needed to keep your dog in tip top condition, this will remove Lungworm too, other treatments will not. 

To keep the coat of the German Shepherd shining it should be given healthy diet.  The German Shepherd has two coats of hair and the outer coats shed periodically while the inner coat sheds twice yearly. To take good care of your German Shepherd you will need to brush it daily and thus remove dead hairs as well as massage to its skin. One does not need to bathe it very often and spraying water on the outer coat to splash away the mud and dirt should be sufficient.

The dense coat of a German Shepherd warrants that the owner stays very vigilant and eliminates the fleas before the dog becomes infested.

German Shepherds are always in need of both physical and mental health exercising and should thus be given both in ample measure.