His background is that he belonged to a pub but the people sold it on and left him behind. The new owners looked after him but then he got parvo and they put him into the vet but when they were told how much the bill was they said they weren’t paying and to put him down. The vets had become very fond of him and after saving his life couldn’t put him to sleep and asked for help with him. He is between 1 and 2 – really friendly with people – typical Rottie boy and I think the cross is more than likely gsd. Unfortunately a docked tail. He has mixed well with other dogs on his walks with us. I just find him a loveable boy.

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We picked Jason up this morning and at 5.45am I got a call with a voice saying “Can i bring him home he’s so lovely”
He’s just a big squidgy cuddle monster.He travelled well in the car and just wanted to please,took biscuits really gently and didn’t make a fuss about anything.
Any one wanting a dog with a big heart he’s the one for you.

He knows a few basic commands but they need polishing up abit but as he is very eager to please & learn, this will not take long.