Due to his family emigrating to Australia, Samson needs a home. His owners are not rehoming him without serious consideration, but because he is such a big fellow, the sheer cost of flying him to Australia is enormous.

Samson has not been under our rescue, so all the information in this thread is supplied by his owners and Samson is going into foster directly from his home.

Firstly, Samson will need a calm, confident & experienced GSD and/or large dog owner. He is not good around dogs, though he has lived for the last few months with another dog in his home – a GSDx ,male pup – Samson’s owners carefully introduced him to the pup & he accepted Buster ( pup) after 6 weeks of supervised introductions,

Since being in foster he has met and got on well with other GSD’s in need.

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*He is a strong dog on the lead.
*Travels well in a car
*Samson has lived with cats – again after very careful introduction & supervision to the cats by his owner
*He loves swimming, but he does not like to be bathed and will only tolerate some grooming.
*He also does not like visiting the vet and needs to wear a muzzle for any vet visit.
*He will seriously chase – swans/ducks/hens… he is prey driven & this needs to be taken into account as he is not a dog to be let off lead in      public areas.
*He is very obedient in a calm home and will sit & give the paw.
*He loves his comfort & his special little toy which he has minded since a pup and it will travel with him -he is used to all the comforts of home living
*His owners said that Samson is very young at heart & very lovable, he does love his nose rubbed & will bury his head into your stomach so that his nose gets rubbed.
*Samson’s pal Buster has got a new home , so Samson will need time to adjust to the changes in his life, loosing his little friend & his family .
*His owners desperately want Samson to have the chance to live out his golden years & are very grateful that John is helping Samson to get that chance.
*He loves playing fetch, DROP IT is the command to drop the ball..
*LEAVE IT, is another one if you don’t want him to be at something. If ever feeding him something by hand, it’s quite important to say EASY, especially if it’s meat, otherwise he can get a bit excited. He doesn’t like food scraps, he doesn’t like most dog treats, except for ‘Bonios’ dog biscuits, he loves them, he usually gets one after a brush and when he’s going out to bed in the evening. “