Irish Dogs

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We at GSD Rescue in Surrey have worked closely for many years with a number of animal welfare groups in Ireland who are constantly under pressure to rescue so many German Shepherds in urgent
need of new homes.  There is a serious problem in Ireland with a constant  over population of dogs , mainly due to over breeding & owners not neutering their pets, coupled with a small national population of 4 million people means that the number of suitable, caring,  family homes for German Shepherds in Ireland is very low.

The majority of Irish GSDs are rescued by our welfare colleagues in Ireland from dog pounds. In these pounds, stray dogs have a 5 day stay & are then at serious risk of destruction if not reclaimed by their owner, or rehomed . Our rescue colleagues in Ireland work tirelessly to find urgent rescue/kennel spaces for the dogs . Once they are out of an “at risk” situation, the dogs are wormed/vaccinated/neutered & assessed,  all this takes a number of weeks prior to the dogs travelling over to the UK.   We often have a surplus of already homechecked homes & we can then bring over the dogs & accomodate them here pending their adoption in the UK.

When we help an Irish GSD to get its new home in the UK, then that dog’s rescue space is freed up for our rescue colleagues in Ireland to save another dog from death row in a Pound.
Over the years we have helped many 100s of Irish born German Shepherds to find loving & caring new homes here in the UK. We at German Shepherd Rescue Surrey do not believe that dogs getting new homes should be limited to the country where they are born and we will continue to work with our Irish welfare colleagues & together save & rehome as many of these wonderful , abandoned & unwanted pets as possible.