Dubs is 2.5years old, everything done, neutered, chipped, wormed, flea treated etc..vax’d including kc –
His owner has recently relocated to UK & had to leave Dubs with his elderly parents who cannot keep him, though
they adore him. He’s a young & energetic fellow – walks on Halti.

His owner says he is a lovely fellow, great with everyone & though he hasn’t lived with other dogs, he is very good
with them.

Dubs has arrived, and the first thing to do after getting out of my van.???

Go and find a kong ,play with it then bring it to me to throw for him,A very happy go lucky boy that even at this early stage of meeting him took notice of me to come and be friends with me.

Hes is a BIG lad that meusures approx 28/29 inches where the average male gsd is 26 inches.


He cannot live with cats.


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Cleo is 19 months old and will be arriving with me from Ireland on Friday 11th November.

I will update more after she’s been with me and I can assess her although she took the trip over in her stride and remained calm throughout.



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Female German Shepard Black and Tan and some Sable – gorgeous dog. Fully house trained and no
behavioural problems.

Very friendly with children and other dogs. I have her fo seven years since she was a puppy and will be very sad to part with this companion but I am due to move soon and can’t take her with me.





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Cara came out of Dundalk pound this week to a couple who have an existing gsd female. Unfortunately their existing gsd was not very happy with sharing her home with Cara and she has been handed to us. She is now at the kennels. Cara is circa a year old and got a glowing report from the couple who had her. We will know more about her after the weekend when we have met and assessed her with other dogs etc




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