Rocky has come into rescue through no fault of his own. Earlier this year he and his owners came into the UK at Dover to find their paperwork was not right so Rocky had to spend 6 months in kennels till he was confirmed safe. He will be coming into rescue with me in Chertsey Surrey. At this moment I know very little about him but will post again when I do. Here is what was said about the situation 6 months ago . . . .

. . . . His owner brought him into the country with a pet passport but failed to have relevant blood tests taken which made the passport invalid. His owner cannot afford the bill to hold him for 6 months in a quarantine kennel and has now relinquished all claim to him and has said to have him PTS. The kennels have very kindly offered to reduce the bill for his quarantine to £1,000 ( usually its at least £3,000)

The City of London authority ( who is responsible for the dog) has also offered to pay half of the remaining £1,000 (that’s how nice this dog is) and the kennel staff have fallen in love with the boy.

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Kim came to me from Ireland and was rehomed in April 2006 age 18 months. Her dad has now died and her mum can’t now look after her as she is old and not in good health.

She will be with me this weekend when I will update about her. What I do know is that she was good with people and other dogs.


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