Ben has come into rescue as a stray.

He was picked up in a neglected state and his health has gone downhill since then – it is nothing that can’t be cured, just stuff that should have been dealt with months ago.  He has also not been exercised very much as his back legs need to build muscle, but with gradual increase of exercise he will be fine…..he absolutely loved the walks we took him on. He is also clean in the house, and without fail went to the toilet every time i took him out.

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A real people friendly boy – tail wags and likes to say hello – when we walked him this morning we went somewhere where we met walkers, joggers & cyclists….really not phased by anything. Andys teenage sons are staying with us at the moment and he was fine with them too.


Since arriving with me Ben has been the perfect gentleman, He has made friends with my next doors friends and visitors through the chain link fencing with affection,

There is a down side to him in that he snores, He can lie down and within a couple of minutes he’s off into the land of nod,

He was a star at the vets – happy to be examined (teeth/ears etc) – he wasn’t overly happy when his prostate was checked so we put a muzzle on as a precaution but the vet said what a lovely boy he is.

Someone has obviously put time into Ben in the past – he walks really nicely on the lead if he’s being walked on his own and will sit on command – he would be east to train further as he is really food orientated – i also think that he could possibly do obedience.

He travelled really well in the car – just lay down – i think that he just loves being with someone and he bonded extremely quickly with both myself and Andy.

we headed off for a walk on Chertsey Meads  I had him on the long line so he had a good sniff around and a good leg stretch – i’d forgotten how easy he is to walk.  I tried to keep away from the other dogs as he still has a bit of a cough but he didn’t seem to take any persuasion to come with me rather than wanting to get to the other dogs in the distance.

had him walking to heel off the lead, he will sit & wait, and give his paw so has had basic training at least and i still maintain that he could possibly do obedience as he is very biddable and walks to heel beautifully.

He is slowly putting on weight and his fur is growing back – i think it will be a slow process but he’s getting there.

I can absolutely guarantee that Ben will be the most loyal companion – he bonds extremely quickly and deserves to have a home to call his own.