Unfortunately , we have no history on him as he was handed into the pound on Christmas Eve as a stray.

From the moment he saw me at the pound , his little tail just didn’t stop wagging & i was greeted by the most friendliest , happy , good natured dogs i have ever had the pleasure to meet.
As soon as i opened the back doors of the van , he was in. Plonked himself down as if to say , thats it , i’m home.
All the way from North London to Johns i heard absolutely nothing from him as he had settled down straight away.
Upon arrival , as soon as the back doors were opened , there was the same happy , smiley face i saw not an hour earlier & yep , you’ve guessed , the tail was going a goodun.
He was a little unsure what we were doing when we had to cut the original collar off he came in with , as it had been wired through the loops but did he complain , nope. He just tucked his head under my arm as if just asking for re-assurance that everything was ok.
There is no doubt that if he was a girl we would have named him Lena ??
He just likes to be close to you for that extra bit of comfort but within a few minutes , he was out & about checking out ( & watering ??) Johns yard. But when he is by your side , he loves to lean into you.
He doesn’t know alot of commands but he is so easy going , he would be a pleasure to train.

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Terry has now been with me for 5 days,I have found him to be one of the most loving good natured dogs around with people and other dogs,He just craves for attention,good on and offlead and just wants to please me, Why he has not been snatched up i can only think its because of the time of the year being a holiday.