Bumper is a gorgeous young, about 1 year old Shepherd, he is on the small side, as in not a great lump

He is Vax’ed, Neutered, Wormed and Microchipped.

He is great with people and dogs male and female, a bit interested in cats but non aggressively.

He is strong on the lead, I would say he hasn’t had a lot of training on it as he dropped to the floor as soon as a lead was clipped on at first and hadn’t a clue about walking in a straight line, he is getting better, though will need continuing training with it.


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Janice is a 22 month old Belgian Shepherd and an active dog who needs someone firm but kind. She has been fine living with my husky and needs a lot of exercise. She gets on good with other dogs and is neither dominant or submissive with them. she is fully vaxed and spayed.

She has become obsessed with trying to get my cat … I don’t think she will get on with cats!!


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Sabre has come into rescue after his mum and dad died.  He is 5 years old.  He has been good with dogs and people he has met. We are told that he has played in the garden with noisy kids and been okay but we have no way of confirming this.



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Koda has gone to be assessed as a police dog.  If after 3 months she does not make the grade she will be back with me.   The handler that visitied us earlier in the week said that up to now she seems the perfect girl for the job.


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2.5 year old spayed GSD (Black and Tan) bitch looking for her forever home. She is a beautiful girl, very clever, house trained, crate trained, basic commands, walks okay on lead etc. She has been living with another 10 year old GSD male for the last year with no issues but does not seem to get on with pushy / in your face dogs due to her past experiences.

No health issues, up to date with standard vaccinations, worming, flea treatments etc. From good pedigree with all the standard health checks, she is very bright and soaks up any training you give her like a sponge.


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I had the pleasure of Kellys company today for about 5 hours before she went into  Dobermann rehoming, this girl is one of the nicest loving dogs I have met,good…

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Ben has come into rescue as a stray.

He was picked up in a neglected state and his health has gone downhill since then – it is nothing that can’t be cured, just stuff that should have been dealt with months ago.  He has also not been exercised very much as his back legs need to build muscle, but with gradual increase of exercise he will be fine…..he absolutely loved the walks we took him on. He is also clean in the house, and without fail went to the toilet every time i took him out.

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Rudy is vax’ed, neutered, microchipped.

Approx 2 years old, good with people, male and female dogs, cats and livestock. A very big happy dog, loves to go in the car, loves to go for walks, playing fetch and just chilling out with you. A good all rounder.


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Unfortunately , we have no history on him as he was handed into the pound on Christmas Eve as a stray.

From the moment he saw me at the pound , his little tail just didn’t stop wagging & i was greeted by the most friendliest , happy , good natured dogs i have ever had the pleasure to meet.
As soon as i opened the back doors of the van , he was in. Plonked himself down as if to say , thats it , i’m home.
All the way from North London to Johns i heard absolutely nothing from him as he had settled down straight away.
Upon arrival , as soon as the back doors were opened , there was the same happy , smiley face i saw not an hour earlier & yep , you’ve guessed , the tail was going a goodun.
He was a little unsure what we were doing when we had to cut the original collar off he came in with , as it had been wired through the loops but did he complain , nope. He just tucked his head under my arm as if just asking for re-assurance that everything was ok.
There is no doubt that if he was a girl we would have named him Lena ??
He just likes to be close to you for that extra bit of comfort but within a few minutes , he was out & about checking out ( & watering ??) Johns yard. But when he is by your side , he loves to lean into you.
He doesn’t know alot of commands but he is so easy going , he would be a pleasure to train.

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Mia is a gorgeous 4 year old German Shepherd cross. She is very loving and a very lively girl. She is looking for a home where there is no other dog or cat. A life with a single lady would be ideal.

Insight: Mia is another dog who tries to talk to you and tell you her troubles. She loves her food and also playing  but when the time is right. For instance, just before breakfast she will play but when she thinks you%u2019ve played enough and she wants her food, she’ll stand in her pen and bark at you, but then afterwards she’ll happily play forever. She is getting much better at giving the toys back to you so you can throw them again. She really enjoys her walks but will always rush back when home is in sight.


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Kim came to me from Ireland and was rehomed in April 2006 age 18 months. Her dad has now died and her mum can’t now look after her as she is old and not in good health.

She will be with me this weekend when I will update about her. What I do know is that she was good with people and other dogs.


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